Digitize your business strategies


Content is the “KING”!

“Content is the King!” You must have heard or read the phrase number of times, but we will tell you ‘why’. Unique and relevant website content is the key that unlocks the door to the improved and heightened ranking for an SEO firm. Now- a days online content marketing is in vogue.

Our Future is Mobile

Search has become integrated within the fabric of our society. Today more than 12 billion searches being performed each month approximately or 400 million web searches are performed day to day. This means that on average larger than 4500 searches are performed every single second of everyday.

Content is heart of Search

Content is what makes your site user friendly and search engine friendly as well. Since the day one, Google gives credit to the original and unique content. The users tend to visit only those sites where they can find relevant answers to their search queries. The quality content on a site presents the visitors with a reason for being hooked up.

Static vs. Dynamic website

The terms static and dynamic are often used by web designers to determine the best possible design for a website . In earlier times ,most of the websites produced, used to be static i.e. they only used to present a set amount of in formation to the end users. They were the brochure websites i.e. fold one presents one part of the information, fold two the other and the third one has the text containing contact information.

Content Spinning

These days, article spinning has earned crucial importance as a marked SEO and article marketing practice. As per well known SEO saying, " Content is King" and with the increasing demand for unique content, various content generator services and article submitter software programs have mushroomed up in the market.

Increase Customer

Every company's greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company (Michael Lebouf). A well said quote, as every business big or small relies upon its customers. Before internet came into being, if any company wanted to propagate itself, it would go for billboard advertisement or a full page ad in yellow pages or put up advertisements in newspapers.

Spider Crawling

The search engine spiders or web crawlers are the software agents or robots that crawl the millions of websites or cyberspace for some specific purposes. Their main purpose is to gather information from a website in order to understand its structure and validity. These spiders crawl through a website to discover, index and rank the information or content presented.

Website Effectiveness

‘What makes a website more engaging and charismatic? ’ A question that is frequently raised and meditated upon by all the novel as well as the established webmasters. There is no single answer to this question as web itself is a multi-faceted and ongoing phenomenon which goes on evolving. A well planned and comprehensive strategy is needed to actualize this attainable but herculean goal.

Localization & Map optimization

Yellow pages are yester pages now. More and more consumers are making use of Google Places to locate local business's Phone numbers, Addresses and as well the services they require. Google Places listings have become crucial for businesses to enhance their rankings. To create listings in Google Places takes much less time and costs nothing.

Database driven web sites

With the advent of the term WWW (World Wide Web) vast amount of data has become available to the society. Websites also render themselves to bulk collection of information, that they need to arrange and rearrange in a way that it can be accessed in least possible time. When the whole related information is placed in an organised pattern it forms databases and the software that helps to structure and retrieve the data is called database management system (DBMS).

Web 2.O and higher

Web 2.0 is a popular term that defines a new wave in the internet usage aiming at improved creativity, information sharing and most importantly the association and co operation among the users. The main idea behind Web 2.0 is that the internet users not only passively retain the information but also make contribution to the available information. Wikipedia is the best example of Web 2.0 technology.