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Content is heart of Search

Google says, "Content is the heart of search." Do you know it ?

Content is what makes your site user friendly and search engine friendly as well. Since day one, Google gives credit to the original and unique content. The users tend to visit only those sites where they can find relevant answers to their search queries. The quality content on a site presents the visitors with a reason for being hooked up. Content is not only crucial to the visitors and search engines but it is beneficial for the websites themselves, as it attracts the new but relevant users. Here we will make you familiar with the concept 'why content is considered to be the king' or 'how content directs search.'

  • To attract end users and search engines : Both the end users and search engines visit sites primarily to gather information. The web pages providing unique and appropriate answers to the frequently asked search queries gain heightened organic search traffic and are also ranked higher by the search engines. If the webmasters find apt keywords for their web pages and incorporate the same(not stuff) intelligently into their web pages, their sites naturally gain more and more search queries and can establish themselves as authoritative ones in their niche.
  • To gain links from the other sites : If a website updates its content regularly, there are greater chances that it gains more and more backlinks from the other sites and this in turn will increase its visibility in the search results. Other sites develop back linking to a site, if they find its content helpful to their visitors. Search engines take these links as votes casted in the favor of a website and rank that website higher in the search results.
  • To attract potential customers : Content of a website is its USP i.e. unique selling proposition. It helps the website to promote its products and services. Good content put forward the views of a website clearly and compellingly and also helps the marketers to get more and more customers. Consumers tend to refer to blogs and articles to acquire information regarding the product or services they are going to purchase. The consumers always go for the products appearing repetitively on the search results. It also influences their decision to buy a product or service.
  • To keep the audiences captive : The content of a website can comprise in itself anything ranging from articles, blog posts to visuals , images, infographics etc. If the content is fully optimized for SEO and social media channels like Twitter, Facebook etc. it will keep the audiences engaged and they will share it with others. The major search engines like Bing, Google use such social media linking as ranking factor and also to index the content.

So in a nutshell, we can say that search engines rank those sites higher or those sites gain the extended visibility on the search results which offer the best relevant information, thus creating the best experience for the users. In today's search scenario, creating quality content has become a must to gain success in SEO. The sites with quality content acquire much more benefits than higher rankings.

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