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How to increase potential customer traffic on your site?

Every company's greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company (Michael Lebouf). A well said quote, as every business big or small relies upon its customers. Before internet came into being, if any company wanted to propagate itself, it would go for billboard advertisement or a full page ad in yellow pages or put up advertisements in newspapers. But now when internet has taken up a lead in boosting as well as conducting business, everyone is after and trying hard to know the secret to drive enhanced and potential traffic to his website. This article will suggest you sure-fire ways to heighten potential customer traffic on your site. Either pick or choose or try all of them to increase your traffic.

  • Bull’s eye your content: Create quality and great content. Good content advertises and as well retails itself. Post and write articles on your website. Quality content gives reason to visitors to link back and hook up to you. When you create and propagate good pieces of content, more traffic attracts to your website through shares and referrals.
  • Add long tail keywords to your page: To focus on short, high volume keywords is an easier task as it is easy to identify and modify them. But the actual scene is that you receive 80% to 90% of the traffic from long-tail phrases or keywords having three or four plus words. As long-tail keywords are simple to rank for and can be modified more simply than the shorter ones.
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click) Campaigning: PPC is a smart way to push your business to customized demographic of potential customers. Ads that appear on your website should be directly linked to your product or service. Create an enticing ad-campaign to attract potential customers. Properly place your ad to save yourself from wasted clicks. PPC ads can heighten your sales instantly. PPC advertisement is an effective method to enhance sales and to create product awareness as well.
  • Catch the eye with rich snippets: Rich snippets are the search listings including in themselves the information about a product’s price, its availability and review count. These will help your potential customers to gather information about your product and site in first look from the search result page without visiting it. These can increases number of clicks on your page by 20-30 %.
  • Write eye catching meta titles and descriptions: Meta titles and descriptions determine your homepage appearance in the search results. While writing them feel as if you are advertising yourself. Spotlight your proficiency, exclusive selling scheme and give them the reason to be with you. Use your prominent keyword(s) at least once in the Meta title and description.
  • Get listed: List your site in all the leading web directories and search engines as well. This will help to trigger traffic directly through the directories and as well will enhance your link reputation. This in turn will let you have the victory on Google!
  • Get connected: Get the unpaid sites to link up to yours and also purchase sponsored links-on. These links will generate more clicks on your site and will enhance your search engine ranking. To build up your brand, make purchase of banner ads on other sites. Get connected to other sites in your field, go for affiliate marketing.
  • Be Social: Develop social sharing buttons on your site more specifically to company’s blog posts. This will enable your site to incur more visitors from social media channels. Answer the queries on social medial channels. Provide as much useful and helpful information as you can. Initialize a You Tube Channel. It is the best way to expose your product or service to new customers. Ask visitors to share your articles, blog posts with others on their social networking profiles. This will boost your search engine ranking and as well ensure you large targeted traffic.
  • Develop effective PR(Public Relations): Share your noteworthy achievements, promote your important accomplishments, do press releases and many more. Access traditional media and get your business and site; a news coverage. This will not only incur you more links and improved search engine rankings but also will push others placing links indexing your sites.
  • Invest in publishing: Write articles to publish on your sites as well on others. Publishing quality posts will make your relationship firm with your customers and will also keep them hooked up. Posting informational and rich content to sites like Slide Share and Scribd will heighten your brand awareness and traffic by exposing you to new markets and customers. Produce a regular and high quality podcast to reach customers through podcast directories. Pen guest posts for the blogs of top industry sites. But do not forget to ask for reviews about your website, products & services you are offering and your software as well. Develop newsletter and ask the visitors to sign up. Try to send it with teasers or linking-ins to your new articles.
  • Make use of Infographics: Make use of eye-catching infographics that include useful information as well. The infographics you use, must have the potential to establish you as an expert in your field. These are ideal for generating more concentrated traffic to your site and connect you better with your visitors, and also help your site to rank higher in search engines.
  • Promote yourself: Promote yourself; either online or offline. Apply all the efforts that you can make. You can display your URL on your license plates, cars or make purchases of newspapers or yellow pages ads with your URL. Circle your flyers or stickers. Bounce your special offers on your email marketing list. Offer your visitors the temptations like free downloads, coupons, discounts and above all your master content. Give away awards for excellence in your field, organize different contests, actively participate in bulletin boards or chat rooms.
  • Be unrestricted and reachable: Make your site within the reach of all its browsers, to Pocket PC, Palm Pilot users or to mobile web browsers. Researches indicate that mobile marketing is much more successful than any other forms of marketing.

So we can say different marketing tactics intermingled together can work best of your website. You have to work out different methods before you assign the one. Using the above discussed techniques will improve your marketing and enhance your traffic along with. And always remember Walt Disney’s saying,” Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

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