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Call Tracking

Create Productivity by measuring Phone Calls, Customers' Feedback and Cost Per Lead In present scenario, to lead the market ; one needs to know about his customers' priorities and preferences and also about the marketing campaigns that are generating revenues. Call tracking is a break through in the industry to answer all these tricky questions. Call tracking is a supplement to SEO and PPC that

  • Magnifies Quality Leads
  • Measures the exact Cost Per Lead

American Digital World with its call tracking system software, saves your money and boost your advertising performance simultaneously. We provide our customers with the phone number which are track able and track their customers' call and feedback for them. These numbers are directed to the lines of customers' choice; usually to their front desk, thus saving them from adding any office line that in turn interferes with their regular work flow.

ADW on customers' demand and requirement can assign a unique track able number to each campaign. This enables the businesses to track calls independently for your website, mobile site, PPC campaigns, thus making them able to deter which campaigns are generating them revenues and which are in the need of improvement. ADW's call tracking system is uploaded with following features:

  • Captures customers' phone numbers and locations as well
  • Records revenues and makes notes
  • Analyzes and compares the campaigns through Google Analytics integration
  • Traces every single call made to the sight
  • Simple web based recording

Start tracking your total conversion rates with our call tracking system and you can supplement it in your Google Analytics Account also.
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