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Social Media Marketing


SMM is a newer and smarter way to approach your target audience through social media channels, hence enhancing your brand's trust and loyalty. The social media community beholds in itself huge opportunities for business growth. It can incur you multitude of profits involving:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved rankings in search engines
  • Sells your product world wide
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Gains you new customers
  • Manages the current ones
  • Incurs you leads

American Digital World provides streamlined SMM packages thus enabling you to establish real time communication with your targeted demographics while using a convenient and dedicated portal. Our professionals channelize the marketing powers of social media channels to manage the current visitors and to approach the newer ones along with magnifying the traffic.

Our SMM experts will visit your business site and populate you with best suggestions regarding your business marketing strategies and software development. Each profile created is keyword optimized that in turn improvises your search engine results and provides you with regular updates regarding consumers' engagement.

We at American Digital World embellish your website with varying and exclusive social media set ups like Facebook like buttons, Twitter Status RSS Feeds, Google Profile, Google Connect etc. These social ancillaries to your website will allow your clients to share your content through Facebook, Twitter and other available web 2.0 websites and as well assist them to create site accounts, logins, bookmarks by using social media tools.

Our professional SMM team will perform the following tasks while designing and employing powerful SMM strategy to your business :

  • Crafting, designing and optimizing profiles on all prime social media channels.
  • Tracking and managing the weekly status updates.
  • Incorporating the back links to enhance the web traffic.
  • Developing and crafting content, videos, photos for distribution on all channels.
  • Formulating and augmenting Google+ Profile and business page.
  • Boosting, crafting, branding and creating Facebook page, Twitter page, Blog and Youtube channel.
  • Supplementing connections through regular ad- on of fans, followers, circles and friends.
  • Monthly report formation
  • Forum postings, Commenting and Replying
  • Crafting various and exclusive widgets
  • Press Release Announcements

Let ADW do the hard work of creating, developing and customizing your social media pages while you bear its profits in the form of enhanced traffic and heightened leads. Contact us immediately if you want to excel your competitors in this SMM revolution.

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