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What makes your website more catchy?

‘What makes a website more engaging and charismatic? ’ A question that is frequently raised and meditated upon by all the novel as well as the established webmasters. There is no single answer to this question as web itself is a multi-faceted and ongoing phenomenon which goes on evolving. A well planned and comprehensive strategy is needed to actualize this attainable but herculean goal. Through this article we will make you familiar with all the possible solutions needed to make an enriching and captivating website.

  • Write authentic, alluring and genuine content: Up-to-date and pristine content is the hallmark of every great website. Good content always allures users. Internet has plethora of data, information and opinion. If you provide feasible and state of the art information, visitors always link back to you. Make use of infographics & videoshares like You tube videos to make your information more capturing. Publish quality content. Grammatical errors and bad typos are the real bugs. Start an online publication, write tutorials, blogs and articles to propagate yourself.
  • Target and monitor your audience: Prior to web designing, determine your target group. This would be helpful in creating and dispensing the information. Act according to market demand and be the bestowed one. Be vigilant about your analytic data i.e. keep an eagle’s eye on the location of your visitors, keywords or search terms they are using and moreover the sites that are referring you.
  • Be Omnipresent: Be pervasive i.e. film videos, design a podcast, conduct webinars, and compose guest articles for other blogs and above all make submissions to local, national and world wide directories. Once the visitors have the perception of your work they will automatically hook up to you.
  • Evolve a user friendly, handy and ravishing website: Design and functionality are the pre-requisites of a captivating web. Your site should be pleasant to look at. A lousy looking website can make you loose your hard-earned visitors. Design your website to be operated easily. Try to develop browser independently site. Follow the standard HTML code for this purpose. This will help you to create a site that can be appeared on a mobile browser also. Create faster loading sites as preferred by users. Choose a faster webhost to speed up your site. Easily operative sites are in vogue. Users prefer sites that enable them to navigate easily and rapidly from one page to another. Create space for social proofs. New visitors basically rely on the available reviews to judge your site. So try to create an interactive environment on site.
  • Optimize Social Media: We are well versed with the power and might of social media networking by now. Use Twitter, Facebook, C++, Delicious, My Space as your marketing tools. Try to be a part of this online community. But do not loose your track while optimizing. Be within your target area and group, otherwise you will quickly turn off.
  • Newsletter Subscription RSS feeds: Newsletters and RSS feeds if optimized properly can generate captive audience. Directly intimate with your audience to subscribe and if possible try to compose subscriber special content. But keep it in view that this content should be relevant, interesting and above all informative. RSS feeds are easy to handle and as well helps in updation of visitors to your sites. Just keep in mind what allures your audience the best and keep them well informed.
  • Boost up with SEO services: An effective SEO is, where, common sense and web standards go hand in hand i.e. make use of appropriate HTML tags, write catchy headlines, external and inbound linking, make provisions for site maps, use SEO optimized platforms and many more. Make sure that spiders can accurately locate your site and for this write keywords optimized content. You can suffuse them in the headlines or content URL’s. This will help you to heighten your search engines.
  • Offer Buttercup Goodies: You can organize different activities to allure your visitors and to keep them hooked up to you. Organize different competitions, forward them cards as to celebrate holiday glee or seasonal greeting etc, co-ordinate an event to get connected to your clients and experts in the field as well, promote a college or university project, make provisions for free stuff like screen savers, desktop backgrounds, free initial visits, vouchers, special offers and many more.
  • Fling a new product or service: Any new launch can earn your website new audience and clients. A new shoot can incur you requests, links from other blogs, affiliation queries and as well boost up your esteem in the sector. As all these generate revenue for you, this is turn will enhance your ranking also.
  • Carry out Affiliations Ventures: Chalk out an affiliate program and propel rewards to the marketers who incur you visits or customers. You can offer them dividends like co-branding, while labelling and many other schemes prevailing in the market. This will make you access a new customer community which is otherwise can be difficult for you to approach.
  • Poke about your product’s updates: Regularly updated your products or services and as well keep your customers well-informed about this updating. This would help to generate regular stream of customers and will also be a regular source of attraction to your site. But make it sure that every updation you make is easy to handle, install and download.

So creating a catchy website requires specialized skills, webdom (web wisdom) and lots of efforts and innovative and creative ideas. All these elements will collectively operate to help you to come out with a ravishing and sparkling website. So harness the whole knowledge you have and the whole good content you access to make your site outshine the others in the market.

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