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Pay Per Click

Heighten Relevant Traffic to your site:

PPC campaign generates you pre-qualified traffic through cost-efficient and ethical strategies. It gets your ads listed on the search engine result pages while getting you high conversions and conversion rates. PPC campaign is a little bit tricky but a well planned and proficiently managed PPC campaign can generate you:

  • Heightened ROI
  • Increased online exposure
  • Innumerable potential customers
  • Regular analysis and reporting about campaign
  • Dependable customer support

American Digital World’s team is fully equipped with contemporary tools and tactics to deliver you greatest possible returns on investment through PPC campaigns. Our certified PPC team analyze and maintain your campaign and as well incur you maximum return on investment. Our experts can incorporate our Call Tracking services into your campaign as per your requirement and choice.

We offer one of the most distinguished and sophisticated PPC programs in the industry that helps you to score higher and outrank your competitors. Either it is branding or sales conversion, we employ best tactics to earn you maximum from your determined and set ad-budget. ADW designed PPC campaign is embellished with the following:

  • Properly selected keywords, funnelling customers to appropriate pages.
  • Revenues generated, justify campaigns' financial outlay and labour cost as well.
  • Search terms specific and ad specific landing pages.
  • Flexible techniques and terms of delivery, creating greater number of target audiences.
  • Geo targeting of the traffic
  • Perfect timings i.e. delivers your ads only at peak times thus earning you maximum potential clients and customers.

ADW’s PPC professionals always stay on their toes to master all new metrics, features and tools supplemented to this platform regularly. We follow the following course of action while creating an effective PPC campaign for you:

  • Create a targeted and properly budgeted campaign with maximum converting keywords.
  • Incur you high scores through optimization and creation of ad groups and analysis of ad pages as well.
  • Supplement targeted Ad copy with targeted calls to action.
  • Regular monitoring of ads.
  • Analyze your competitors and industry as well.
  • Track and analyze your conversions.
  • Extensive research in the areas of keyword selection and generation.
  • Track and report click fraud

Experience the change and boost that American Digital World can create for your business and enjoy a real push up in conversion rates and return on investment. Call us today!!

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